Availability of contracts already now

Thanks to our global system of recruiters, we help companies recruit reliable personnel according to their needs, regardless of whether they need employees right now or in a month or even six months. Therefore, we always have ready-made offers for candidates interested in finding a job.

Technical Recruitment

Our technical recruitment services cater to manufacturing companies, international postal and delivery companies, farms and companies in hotel and restaurant sphere that are looking for employees with and without work experience. We understand the specific requirements of these roles and identify candidates with the necessary skills and motivation to ensure both parties thrive.

Comprehensive Support

Our specialists inform candidates and, if possible, help with the collection and processing of all necessary documentation (including visa documentation), make entries to visa centers and consulates for submitting visa applications, help with route planning, purchase of tickets, arrival at the workplace . For the entire time of the candidate's work, they provide him with informational support and assistance in case of controversial situations.